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Envision - What kind of community is this?
Envision is a music video community, revolving around the Harry Potter movies and universe, and any slash pairing you might ship in said universe.

What is this community for and how can you join?
Envision is a community that hopes to lure out all the slash vidders that are out there. It is a place where vidders can post their work, request help and ask general questions about vidding. The main goal is to create a place where people can post and find music videos of their favourite HP slash pairing, a place where vidders of all sorts can learn from each other and where visitors can enjoy all the videos. You can join either as a beginning/advanced vidder or if you just want to find/watch HP Slash based music videos. We have an open membership and invite all and sundry to join.

General Rules
1. Flaming (negative and hurtful comments towards a member/video) will not be tolerated
2. No racism, discrimination or homophobia in this community.
3. Ads for other communities are allowed, as long as they are HP related.
4. Always credit when you post someone else's work. It's easy to find out if it isn't yours, and you will be banned.
5. Direct linking is also out of the question, unless you have the permission to do so. If not, upload to your own space.

Video Rules
1. Every HP slash pairing is allowed. No limits to the imagination.
2. This is a slash community, so slash videos only. Femslash is allowed.
3. If your video has R/NC-17 rated footage, please say so in your post.
4. Video recs are bliss :). If you have a video someone else has made, and you think it is fitting for this community, please, do post (upload to your own space first or ask permission from the vidder to direct link).
5. Video searches are also allowed.
6. Asking for help on your vid (like getting someone to beta your vid or getting help when you're stuck) is allowed, even encouraged. Even the best vidders get stuck and why struggle when so many wonderful vidders on here can give you advice?
7. When you post a video, whether it be yours or not, you can fill out this form while posting it:

Video Title
Length (File Size):
File Type: (WMV or AVI etc.)
Link to the vid:





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